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Polling Website

JCM SOlUTIONS first engagement was to create a social engagement platform for people to voice their opinions and choices: People can vote on various questions to participate in the nation's voice for number of issues narrated in a question. People can post their valuable comments against many numbers of questions. People can review the result of the nation’s voice in graphical presentation on multiple demographic and other parameters. People can also participate in suggesting new questions to be posted on Survey. JCM SOlUTIONS provides a standard algorithm for all their members to calculate their ranks based on their day by day participation. We provides a complete integration with ""Social Media Applications" like: facebook, twitter and google plus to share their participations on eChunav with friends and families. we also provides ‘Be Spoke Results Data’ to Small or Medium Enterprise to reflect the nation’s voice on various issues. JCM SOlUTIONS affirms the freedom of voice for the people and confirm there is no biasing or un biasing with any Political party, Group or Community. We try hard, to keep all abusive, mis-leading and offensive contents screened out.