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B2B Applications

B2B stands for business to business. Some businesses only provide products or services to other businesses. B2B is frequently used as to describe different types of transactions and services between two businesses - Selling, Buying, Trading, E-Commerce, Marketing etc.
B2B Applications may use EAI,BPM, B2B Adapters like EDI, Rosettanet etc behind the scene and Application Server based Web Application or Portal Face in front.
JCM SOLUTIONS uses Industry Leading eCommerce and Other B2B Tools and stanrad B2B adapters to deliver B2B Application Solutions. Seritass follows industry best practices for all B2B applications based on its type and category.

B2B Importance:

Over the years, the reach of internet has grown to limits beyond almost every expected level. One of most common reasons for people to use internet as a medium include info, shopping, music etc. But Shopping over the internet is one activity that has gained momentum in very strong manner. It has been found that over 46% of searches over the search engines are for seeking product information and services. (Source: SRI) E-commerce websites are one of the leading technologies which concentrate on the online buying and selling of products. Basically, e-commerce sites can be classified on the basis of their working nature, these include:
B2B Applications: Business to Business applications are the ones which completely focus on the idea of expanding business potential through partnerships.
B2B application development can be used to integrate and automate your systems and business processes across company boundaries using the Internet. It allows businesses of all sizes to securely and efficiently communicate and transact with partners, customers and vendors. Through B2B application development, businesses can automate the expensive error-prone processes of acquisition and distribution. As a result, businesses can reduce their operating costs and focus on the tasks of providing support to customers and selling products.Whether it's directly between businesses or through intermediaries like marketplaces and exchanges, B2B application development can automate your entire supply chain.