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3D Modelling

3D Modelling is the process of developing a mathematical representation of any three-dimensional surface of object via specialized 3D software. If you need a 3D modeller, it's easy to find this talent through JCM SOLUTIONS!
JCM SOLUTIONS has extensive expertise in creation of Intelligent & Non-intelligent As-Built 3D models using variety of latest As-Built Data Capturing techniques. We offer wide range of platform independent 3D modeling solutions to suit the requirements and the overall objectives of our industrial clients.
Our strong technical competence in Process, Structural, Piping & Equipment, HVAC and Electrical & Instrumentation disciplines enable us to promptly analyze and establish the discipline specific detailed requirements and then develop a customized overall project specific methodology to produce the desired As-Built 3D Models with an integrated approach that satisfies the overall short & long term objectives of a Project as well as of all the concerned engineering disciplines independently.
We have an established team of 110+ resources who are trained on a comprehensive workflow & methodology and a variety of industry standard 3D Engineering Design/Modeling systems such as LFM Modeling Suite, INOVx RealityLinx, PDMS, PDS and AutoPlant to deliver any large-scale 3D modelling project reflecting the true As-Built status and accuracy of upto +/- 5mm

We offer following range of specialized services as part of our As-Built 3D Modeling competency:-

    Creation of Non-Intelligent (CAD) and Intelligent (Data Centric) As-Built 3D models based on high-resolution 3D Laser Scanning Surveys. Development of Non-Intelligent and Intelligent As-Built 3D models using the existing as well as legacy As-Built Drawings, Records & Documents. Generation of impressive Walkthroughs and Visualization Extraction of 2D As-Built Drawings like Piping Isometrics & GAs, Structural Layouts, Equipment Layouts, Electrical & Instrumentation Layouts etc. from the 3D Models. We would be glad to organize against genuine requests, the detailed technical presentations to share further more comprehensive information on our offerings, methodology & workflows and past projects in the subject domain